Blick vom Platz der Republik auf das beleuchtete Reichstagsgebäude in der Dämmerung. Außenansicht, außen, Besuchereingang, Eingang, Westeingang, Westportal, Kuppel, Glaskuppel, Deutsche Fahne, Flagge, Europäische Fahne, Abend, Blaue Stunde Ordnungsnummer: 3391358 Ereignis: Liegenschaften, Architektur Gebäude / Gebäudeteil : Reichstagsgebäude, Außenansicht Nutzungsbedingungen: Es werden nur einfache Nutzungsrechte eingeräumt, die ein Recht zur Weitergabe der Nutzungsrechte an Dritte ausschließen.

Germany has been governed by the political parties since the founding of the Republic, although the Basic Law states: Article 21, Basic Law, (1), „The parties shall participate in the formation of political will. Their foundation is free. Their internal order must correspond to democratic principles. They must give public account of the origin of their funds.

So the parties cooperate, not that they determine the politics alone and ask the people only every four years which party they want to vote for. This has little to do with real democracy. Through the idiotic, ideological, not logical party programs, they want to distinguish themselves and justify their policies.

The only thing that should be of concern to state leaders is what are the best programmes for all citizens, or as many of the community as possible, so that a satiable majority for approval can be achieved. 51 percent so-called absolute majority is not a majority, that is a state of impracticable job opportunities. But all this was never considered, they presupposed that the people agreed, had to agree, if they thought up something, no matter whether the people were consulted or not. Whether their programmes really make sense or are only taken because they can’t think of anything better.

Much is ideologically based, as is the case with the GREENS right now in 2019. On the grounds that electricity generation from coal and nuclear power is harmful to society and the climate, they want to convert the imagined CO2 problems, in other words everything, to wind energy and solar energy. They have never proved that these two goals can be achieved and is CO2 really the big bogeyman? Because the wind turbines on the mainland are already standing in each other’s way and the population is getting sick from the shadows cast by the wind wings.

Auch die Argumentation, dass CO2 die Erde übermäßig erwärmt, ist großer Blödsinn, denn die Wirksamkeit von CO2 als Treibhausgas nimmt mit zunehmender Konzentration logarithmisch ab. Laut Vergleichskonzentrationen hat CO2 als Treibhausgas etwa 1/75stel der Wirksamkeit von atmosphärischem Wasser.

The Diminishing Effect of increasing concentrations of atmospheric CO2 on Temperature.

  • the Greenhouse effect is essential to all life on earth, without that warming effect of ~+33°C the planet would be a very cold and uninhabitable place indeed.
  • the world needs its atmospheric CO2 for the survival and fertilisation of plant life: it thus supports all life on earth.
  • atmospheric CO2, whether Man-made or in great part Naturally Occurring, is not pollutant.
  • the most important Greenhouse gas is water, both as vapour and clouds, causing up to ~95% of the essential warming that keeps the planet as a whole habitable.
  • according to comparative concentrations, CO2 as a Greenhouse gas has about 1/75th the effectiveness of atmospheric water.
  • the effectiveness of CO2 as a Greenhouse gas diminishes logarithmically with increasing concentration.
  • although several scientific sources assert that CO2 has no real effect on global temperature, these notes calculate the effects of CO2 as presented in data from climate activists: they find that the impact of rising CO2 concentrations on global warming is even at its greatest extent to be pretty well insignificant.
  • below a concentration of atmospheric CO2 < 200 ppmv, equivalent to ~77% of CO2’s Greenhouse effectiveness, plants struggle to survive and so around that level is essential to maintain photosynthesis and thus to susttain all life on earth.
  • at the current level of ~400 ppmv, just twice the level needed for planetary survival. at the ~400 ppmv level only ~13% of the effectiveness of CO2 as a Greenhouse gas now remains.
  • so little of the effectiveness of CO2 as a greenhouse gas now remains that there is no possibility of Man-made CO emissions ever attaining the much feared +2°C temperature rise, that is considered to be so catastrophic by Climate Alarmists and sadly also by so many convinced politicians in the Western world.
  • increasing CO2 in the atmosphere can only lead to very limited further warming and certainly not to any catastrophic and dangerous temperature increase.
  • a doubling of CO2 concentration from 400 ppmv to 800 ppmv, (climate sensitivity), can only result in a temperature increase of ~0.37°C according to the likely median case and the worst case can only result in less than +1.0 °C
  • mankind’s attempts to control global temperature by the limitation of CO2 emissions from combustion of fossil fuels can only ever have marginal or immeasurable effects.
  • therefore all de-carbonisation efforts by mankind are futile, misguided and irrelevant.

Greenpeace co-founder „Pens Treatise“ on the positive effects of CO2 – says there is no crisis.